Project Rescue

The construction industry, though filled with capable, professional, quality contractors; is also filled with a majority of builders that are frankly not very good at what they do.

  • Poorly prepared contractual documents
  • Weak support and or input to the design process
  • Missed opportunities to adjust budget decision making for Client
  • Incomplete/inaccurate initial budgeting efforts
  • Poor administration of the project
  • Lack of diligence and urgency in staying on point after the "deal"
  • Bait and switch for management personnel once underway
  • Relationship compromises with subcontractors and suppliers
  • Lack of exposure to current technology and developments

All of these issues yield misaligned expectations for any Client.

Those Clients that find themselves in this position typically realize the err of their selection in a builder (in a residential project) around the time that foundation is complete and framing is in process - or shortly thereafter during "rough in" of electrical, plumbing and mechanical scope. The foundation and framing disciplines represent about 40% of the entire Project Budget - and if mismanaged at this first phase of the build, can severely impact the funds available for the more visible and closer to the heart area of finishes for your home.

Additionally, this is coincidentally about the time when most builders who do a poor job of

  • Properly scoping sub bids against the approved plans
  • Start to realize that they are upside-down (financially)
  • Begin to make forced cuts in quality and selections to the Client
  • Present unreasonable increases in cost without leverage for the Client to control those costs at this point.

These practices are certainly NOT your 1st sign of misaligned expectations, but it is a significant one that commonly occurs.

Now, the difficult decision which often IS NOT confronted by a Client - Can I make a change at this point in the process or am I stuck with the outcome of misaligned expectations until we move in someday at some amount well beyond what we EVER intended to spend on our project?

If you find your project in this predicament, the Kennedy Group can solve and reduce the potential for a poor outcome.